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At Agelong Brands, you'll find some of the same products that your parents and grandparents trusted themselves

While some household products are merely fads, others have withstood the test of time and continue to be popular today

We also offer more recently developed products that we're sure will become our customers' perennial favorites.

In our catalog, you can find household products that continue to be used more than a century after they were developed. Among these items are Bon Ami Cleanser, which dates back to the late nineteenth century. Lesser known 1886 Cleaning Powder can be used on mirrors and windows in your home, and was even used by NASA on the Skylab.

You'll also find Faultless Starch, which was first used more than 125 years ago. You can buy Faultless Starch as a spray or liquid.

Find Quality Lawn and Garden Supplies

We also offer lawn and garden supplies to help you keep the exterior of your home looking as pristine as its interior

The Garden Weasel and Weasel Garden Claw make it easy to maintain your lawn without straining your body. The Weasel WeedPopper can remove pesky weeds from the roots without kneeling down.

If you have any questions about the household products in our catalog, feel free to contact customer service staff at customersupport@horizonproject.com.