Potty Rock Dog Training Device For Male or Female Dogs
$7.47 $14.95

Dog Potty Rock At Agelong Brands

If you have a dog and you have a lawn, you need the Dog Potty Rock. This easy-to-use dog trainer device is saturated with a scent that dogs find impossible to resist. When you place it in the area you've chosen for your dog's toileting, he or she will be drawn to that spot. The Dog Potty Rock works for both male and female dogs, and is an excellent way to housebreak a puppy quickly and easily.

The Dog Potty Rock is long lasting--its fragrance won't wash away in rain or deteriorate in hot sun. Once your dog is accustomed to using your preferred spot, you can store it in an airtight plastic bag for future use. Imagine no more yellowed spots on your lawn from urine or "land mines" where you and your family want to be. Tuck the Dog Potty Rock in an unused corner and your lawn care will be a breeze.

Find the Dog Potty Rock and More at Agelong Brands

The Dog Potty Rock is just one of the many items of lawn and garden care we offer at Agelong Brands. We carry an excellent selection of home and laundry care items as well. If your puppy has an accident indoors, for example, use the effective pet odor remover from Pet Sav'r.

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