Pet Sav'r Foaming Carpet Deodorizer & Refresher
$3.74 $7.49

Odors from pet stains can get trapped in the fibers of your carpet and cause a stale odor that can linger for weeks even after cleaning! Pet Sav'r Carpet Deodorizer & Refresher is designed to neutralize those odors.

This unique foaming action product penetrates deeply into the carpet and padding to eliminate odors and leaves the room smelling fresh and clean. No vacuuming is required and the product dries in about five minutes. Quick and easy to use. Great for use in the home and automobile. Directions Shake well before using. Hold can upside down and press actuator. Spray product onto your carpet. The foaming action will quickly disappear into your carpet. In about fie minutes, your carpet will be dry and have a clean, fresh scent. This product contains no CFCs or other ozone depleting substances. Keep out of reach of children.