Agelong Brands

Longer Lasting Home and Garden Products

Agelong® Brands was founded in 1988 as Good Friends® Catalog. Good Friends Catalog changed its name to Agelong Brands Catalog, in 1997, to better reflect the mission of the catalog: which is to offer only longer lasting home and garden products.

In our mission to only offer products that withstand the test of time, Agelong specializes in brands that have to proven to be popular for many decades. We offer well-known brands such as Bon Ami Cleanser, which dates from 1886, and Faultless Starch & Niagara Starch that date from 1887.

The catalog also offers high quality brands destined to become old-time favorites. These include Garden Weasel tools, Trapp Private Garden candles and sprays, and Kleen King cleaners. Over the years we've built a reputation as THE internet source for proven products in certain categories. These categories include: Clothes Care, Home Care, Lawn & Garden Care, Air Care, and Personal Care.

Agelong is committed to serving its thousands of customers who regularly rely on us for a variety of products. Laundry care, special hard surface cleaners, garden gifts, specialty crafted candles, and so much more. Please enjoy shopping for your perennial favorites at